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Online Great Books Podcast

Nov 3, 2022

We're back! Scott and Karl explore Helen and Scott Nearing's The Good Life (1954) and Continuing the Good Life (1979) in a new, long-form podcast. 

In the 20th century, Scott and Helen Nearing became the new models of self-sufficient lifestyles and rural homesteading. Having abandoned their life in New York City in 1932, rural Vermont became the place the couple could escape a capitalist life. Scott says, “They were trying to live out the 1930s communist ideal.”

Over the next 60 years, the Nearings developed a system of living called the good life, inspiring others who are city-weary to do the same. But as Karl points out, "This is not Walden." 

Tune in to learn more about Scott and Karl's take on the back-to-the-land movement. Brought to you by