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Online Great Books Podcast

May 5, 2023

Scott and Karl delve into James Howard Kunstler's 2008 end-of-days novel, World Made by Hand. 

James Howard Kunstler is an American author, social critic, public speaker, and blogger, perhaps best known for his 2005 novel, The Long Emergency. He has an active podcast, KunstlerCast, where you can find more of his honest urban commentary. 

World Made by Hand is from your typical post-apocalyptic novel. Scott says, "It's not an unpleasant world that he pictures for us after the simplification." Karl believes that Kunstler is even optimistic despite the novel being set in a post-oil American future. 

Scott points out, "This is a world where everything feels big. They grieve more, there's more death and it's closer, but they care more about the people that they do have, too."

Tune in to hear the duo's discussion of this dystopian science-fiction novel. Brought to you by