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Online Great Books Podcast

Aug 5, 2021

Scott and Karl wrap up their discussion with special guest  Malachy Walsh, author of Socratic Scribbling.

If you don't know what goes into good writing, it may look like a mystical art form or exclusively for the gifted. Malachy argues that we can all use the socratic method to deal with the blank pages in our life, empowering us to pick our own minds for ideas we didn't even know were there. Scott says, "The Blank Page Syndrome is really because you don’t know how to do the pre-thinking. That’s key."

How can you use writing to collect and sort your ideas? Socratic Scribbling provides a fresh take on how classical rhetoric can help you generate the kinds of questions and answers that improve your thinking and your phrasing. Be sure to go to to learn more and purchase your copy.