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Online Great Books Podcast

Sep 13, 2019

In the second installment of the series, Scott Hambrick and Karl Schudt continue their discussion of Tolkien’s magic in The Lord of the Rings. The two talk about the problem of evil in this Homeric story, what the good life actually looks like, models of hope we see in many of the characters, the unyielding power of friendship, language’s captivating ability to transmit culture, and so much more.

Not only is The Lord of the Rings a monumental work of a single intellect, but it’s also so expertly integrated with foreshadowing, world-building, new language creation, and anthropology, you’ll feel the pages fly by. Even if you’re not the sort to read fantasy literature, you ought to give LOTR a try.

Karl thinks, 300 years from now, if people are still reading Great Books, LOTR will probably be on that list. Do you agree? Tune in to this week’s episode and let us know your thoughts!

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