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Online Great Books Podcast

Oct 12, 2023

Scott and Karl read "The Greeks and Greek Civilization" which sums up the relevant lectures the notable Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt first gave in 1872.

Karl says, "I now have a little portable guide to all the Greek literature that I want to read." Scott adds, "Burckhardt explains what might be going on around the...

Sep 29, 2023

Beyond producing a body of pioneering research in thermodynamics, Faraday left an educational legacy: his great lectures on the “Chemical History of a Candle.” 

Originally published in 1861, this series of six lectures showcases Faraday's ability to clearly display scientific principles to a general population,...

Sep 14, 2023

Tune in for Part Two of Scott and Karl's discussion on Hilaire du Berrier's Background to Betrayal. 

Published in 1965, it remains the only book du Berrier ever produced and a crucial resource on the history of Indochina and our government's policies in Vietnam. 

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Aug 24, 2023

In 1965, the Birch Society's publishing house, Western Islands, printed du Berrier's Background to Betrayal: The Tragedy of Vietnam. While hard to come by, it remains the most authoritative source in English on the crucial history of Indochina up to that point and is indispensable for an understanding of the tragic...

Jul 17, 2023

Scott and Karl read and discuss James S. Taylor's 1998 book,  Poetic Knowledge: The Recovery of Education.

Taylor describes his work as an “attempt to resuscitate a nearly forgotten mode of knowledge.”  This "poetic knowledge" is not the knowledge of poetry. Rather, it is an intuitive, obscure, mysterious way of...