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Online Great Books Podcast

Oct 28, 2021

This week Scott and Karl finish their discussion of Edmund Morris's Ten Acres Enough: The Classic 1864 Guide to Independent Farming. 

After giving up city life and buying a small farm in the New Jersey countryside, Morris chronicles his family's experience and ends up writing of the most popular books of the time. He emphasizes that agricultural success depends not on how much you grow but on what and how.

The duo picks up where they left off from last week, speaking to the crucial accounting lesson Morris can teach us. 

Scott says, "The approaches to dealing with money [in the modern MBA] are not intuitive and not useful for small business. This is just perfect for small businesses stuff— it seems so simple, but we've lost this." 

Ten Acres Enough is an inspiration, but it's also very practical. Tune in for Part Two of Scott and Karl's conversation, brought to you by