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Online Great Books Podcast

Feb 4, 2021

This week, Scott and Karl discuss Allan Savory's book Holistic Resource Management.

Savory warns that while fossil fuels and livestock grazing are often targeted as major culprits behind climate change and desertification, it's really our mismanagement of resources that pose the biggest threat. 

Scott says, "If you care about regenerative agriculture, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, homesteading, or profitability, this is a formative text in the circles that are trying to fix a lot of the problems with Big Ag."

Holistic Resource Management is an approach to help land managers, farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, and policymakers develop strategies for regenerating degraded landscapes.

However, the beauty of Savory's framework is it requires no specialized knowledge or elaborate technology to utilize. Karl says, "It's books like this that make your wheelhouse bigger."

Tune in to hear more about Savory's philosophy and method. Brought to you by