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Online Great Books Podcast

Mar 17, 2023

Scott and Karl begin their discussion of Father Francis Bethel's biography that examines the life and thought of "cultural critic, university professor, and sometime cowboy," John Senior. 

John Senior is the founder of Clear Creek Abbey, a Benedictine Abbey in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. He is the author of both The Death of Christian Culture and The Restoration of Christian Culture.

As Karl points out, this biography doesn't so much delve into the details of Senior's life but focuses on his ideas. 

Scott says, "One of [Senior's] assumptions, and I think he's right, is that Proper Christian culture is the underpinning behind the real metaphysics that built the West and the metaphysics that tied, past tense, science to reality. Senior thinks we are getting away from being tied to the real world and that our metaphysics is busted."

It's clear to see how John Senior is one of Scott's heroes. Tune in to the first half of the duo's discussion on the restoration of realism. Brought to you by